Saturday, August 21, 2010

Escape 2 Africa

Today marks the end of our Day Camp.  The theme this year was "Escape 2 Africa".  Kids had a wonderful time playing in the pool, running through obstacle courses, sliding down the giant water slide, - simply being kids.  For so many of these kids (as young as they are) life is full of difficulties, pain, abuse, neglect, despair.  For many of them that was the only day when they could get out of their homes, and be carefree.

In the chapel we talked about hopeless lives and how Jesus is the only One who can give us hope.  My heart is broken for some of the stories I heard from the children as they came up for prayer at the end... and yet I know that Jesus is the One who can miraculously intervene in their situations.

I put together a quick slideshow/video from the 2 weeks of camp (in case you're interested to see what it looked like).  Hope you enjoy it.

Escape 2 Africa Video

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