Monday, August 16, 2010

Awareness Award

Holly from Diamond Potential has graciously awarded us with her Awareness Award for talking about adoption on our blog

Thanks, Holly!

What better way to honor that award than list a few resources Bryan and I got introduced to during the adoption seminar we have attended.

Adopt US Kids

Children's Home Society & Family Services
(with options for international adoption)

Also you will be able to see some adoption ads here and there on my blog - feel free to visit those.  

Some more info specifically for New York residents.

New York City's Foster/ Adoptive Parent Recruitment Hotline
1-212-676-WISH  (9474)

New York City Administration for Children's Services adoption website

New York State Adoption Photolisting Album

You Gotta Believe!
(adoption recruitment agency placing teens and pre-teens)  /  1-718-372-3003

New York Council on Adoptable Children (COAC) 
(adoption recruitment agency)   /   1-212-475-0222

New York City Heart Gallery
(photo gallery of waiting children)

Wednesday's Child
(contact Keema Davis at 1-212-676-9918 or find children online here or here)

Adoption Matching Conferences (certified adoptive parents)
Vanessa Gamble 1-212-676-7327

If you have not read my friend's adoption story - you can read it here - and I am hoping to get some more stories in soon.

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