Saturday, May 8, 2010

Oceans of kids

There is a celebration happening at the Sweeney home!
A birthday? - NO
An anniversary? - NO
Promotion? - NO
Having a baby? - NO

We're celebrating because of the amazing things God is doing on our sidewalk team this year.
There is an weekly attendance goal set for every Sidewalk Sunday School team of 1000. In years past we have struggled to hit even 800 in attendance but this semester we have so far broken the 1000 threshold 3 the times! In fact our attendance has improved every single week this semester. Are you ready for our most recent number?

Are You?

Wait for it

can you guess?

Give up


That's right 1270 children, teenagers, and adults heard the message of Jesus Christ this week.

But they're not just coming to Sidewalk Sunday School. Our attendance for Revolution (our youth service) has also been multiplying. Helen and I have had half a dozen young people ride the bus to Revolution every week. Also, due to a lack of drivers, one of our vans can no longer pick up for that service. We told the teens if they take the train there we will take them home. Thinking that was the end of those teenagers Revolution experience we have been pleased to see 4-6 teenagers show up at Revolution ON THEIR OWN.

We are extremely excited to see what other mighty things God has in store. Keep praying and stay tuned for updates.

1 comment:

Ferdi said...

super cool guys! Keep on going! Great to read- love to hear from you both!

Ferdi and Tatiana

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