Wednesday, November 4, 2009

What have we been up to...

Wow - there's a lot going on here in NYC and we have been very busy. Soon we'll find a time to do a good update on this blog but for now we hope you enjoy the condensed version ;)

Fall is beautiful here. For years I was more of a spring fan but this year the majestic colors and the fresh crisp air captured my heart. Bryan & I took a lovely walk in Prospect Park on Monday and I am now officially in love with fall.

Fall is also the busiest time in ministry. Somehow people are more open to the gospel during holiday season. It is getting colder outside but we still do our best to reach as many kids and adults for Christ as possible every day.

The church has also done (and continues to do) many different events. 2 weeks ago we held a beautiful event called "All Nations" (Bryan will write an update on it soon). Last Sunday there was a private screening for "To Save A Life" - an amazing movie that raises a lot of questions about hurting high school teens but also provides answers. The movie will be out in January. This coming Sunday is a couple's meeting. And of course for the past couple of weeks we've also been wrapping Christmas gifts for our Christmas outreach. Needless to say we've been busy busy busy.
Please keep praying for us to stay close to the heart of God and minister His love to those who are hurting.

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