Monday, May 4, 2009

Moreover it is required in stewards that one be found faithful.
(1 Corinthians 4:2)

(by Helen)

Yesterday our church hosted our annual Viva Mexico outreach. It was exciting to see that many people did come out and stayed for the event despite heavy rain. The party migrated inside. It was really packed but still about 75 people came up for an altar call at the end.

Instead of retelling you all the things that happened at Viva Mexico, I would like to introduce you to one child. His name is Jy'Len. I met Jy'Len and his family when I was doing Sidewalk Sunday School in Harlem. They were wonderful people. I was trying hard to get them to church and they did come for a while and then stopped again.

It was frustrating for me to see that despite many efforts Jy'Len's family was no longer in church. Time came for me to move on and take over my current team in Queens. I said good-bye to Harlem but as much as it depended on me I tried to keep in touch with Jy'Len's family.

Several weeks ago I walked into a church service and could not believe my eyes: I saw Jy'Len's grandmother with Jy'Len. They started coming to church and so far I've seen them every week. I am so grateful that I have been here in the ministry long enough to see the fruit of my effort. Sometimes it's easy to want to quit because as we pour into the lives of the children here in the ghettos of NYC we often see little change. But this month as I reconnected with their family I was reminded once again that if I stay faithful I may be able to see more fruit.

Jy'Len & I at Viva Mexico

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