Saturday, February 21, 2009

Searching for princesses

(by Bryan)

For the last several years Metro Ministries has had the opportunity to throw a Princess Tea Party for some of the girls who attend Sunday School. This is no small event. A church in California sponsors the event and rents an elegant banquet hall to host it in. A queen is present as well as all of your favorite Disney Princesses. The girls get to meet each princess and have their picture taken with them. They also hear an encouraging message about how they are princesses in God's eyes. This year Helen and I once again have the opportunity to select some of the girls who get invited to this spectacular event.

One thing that struck me though was a girl we invited who didn't want to go. Her mom said it was ok but for some reason she did not want to take advantage of this opportunity. Maybe she didn't understand how big of a deal it was. Maybe it was outside of her comfort zone. Whatever it was she missed out. That made me think how we are often that way with God. God often places things in our life to bless us, or grow us, or teach us - but we refuse. Maybe we too don't understand how great these opportunities really are. Maybe we can't get past our own insecurites. Whatever the reason may be, we miss out. We need to remember to keep our eyes open for the wonderful opportunites God places before us.

Helen posted a couple of pics from last year's Princess Tea Party. To see them click here.

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