Monday, October 27, 2008

Prayer Requests

1) Our search for an apartment continues... This morning we have sent in more paperwork. The manager said we should hear from them by the end of the week. Hopefully we'd be able to sign a lease starting November 1st.

2) Still waiting for my green card. The sooner I get my work authorization permit the sooner I'd be able to drive again. It's hard to be part of a bus ministry and not be able to drive.

3) We've had a lot of persecution rising up in my Sidewalk Sunday School area. For weeks, we've had ladies come and disturb peace telling kids not to listen to us, that we hate them and that we're not Christians at all. They're so loud that it makes it almost impossible to continue teaching the lesson. We've tried to reason with them but they walked away promising to do anything so we can't come back.

4) Next Friday is Halloween. Please pray for peace on sites and protection for Sidewalk Sunday School staff & interns as well as those who're going on visitation that Friday.

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