Friday, February 8, 2008

Palladia Update

So Ali & myself went to Palladia again yesterday, and we're back to our regular time in the afternoon. But what's even more amazing is that all the ladies who signed a request to come to church on Sunday got approved. So if you prayed - THANK YOU. And if you didn't you should because obviously prayer works.

Sidenote for all of you who is unfamiliar with our ministry. Every year Metro Ministries hosts what is called a Night of 100 Stars. We invite approximately 100 ladies from different rehabilitation centers in NYC. The ladies are recovering from drug & alcohol addictions, life of prostitution and abuse. For a day we pamper them (do their hair, nails, make up, take their portraits) and then in the evening do a banquet in their honor. In years past most ladies were responsive to the gospel but because of the lack of follow up they have fallen back into their old ways. This year Ali was able to establish good connections and we've been able to come weekly to talk to them and bring them to church. It's amazing for me to see how excited these ladies are to go to church.

Yesterday Ali asked them if they'd still keep going to our church if we stopped feeding the and do other things. 90% of the ladies raised their hands. Praise God!

Please pray for my friend Earnestine from the rehab. Yesterday she found out that her sister was severely beating Earnestine's 8-year old daughter. Earnestine had a meeting yesterday where she was told that she can't get her daughter back after the rehab. Final decision. No appeal allowed. Earnestine was devastated. When I talked to her, she said, "That's too much of a price to pay for smoking crack"... do pray for her as the only dream that kept her motivated to stay in the program - a chance to reunite with her daughter and start a new normal life - seems to have been crushed.

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Deanna said...

I remember her...I will pray!

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