Monday, February 4, 2008

Quick January Update

I'm not much of a blogger and I don't have regular access to a computer - but I will do my best to keep up with it...

So here's a quick scoop on what happened in my life this past month:

Part 1: Arizona

Yes - that's right. My year started in the warm state of Arizona. I was able to go there to meet Bryan's family and see the Grand Canyon.

Dream come true... Here's a picture of the two of us @ the Grand Canyon. Grand Canyon was very beautiful... and very cold...

Part 2: Back in NY

After I came back from my vacation, I set into 2 weeks of intense lesson writing. We've been working on a set of lessons for Sidewalk Sunday School for the year 2008. I am able to visit my Sunday School kids again (that's exciting). There're a lot of things happening in church. The main ministry news for January is that God has opened a door for me to be able to help in a Connect Group in Palladia Rehab Center in the Bronx. Most of the ladies from there came to our Night of 100 Stars in December, and it's been a true blessing to be able to keep coming to them and ministering to them. We're planning a Valentine's Party for them in February - hopefully I'll have some pictures.

1 comment:

Deanna said...

Okay - this is why a blog is good. I didn't know you were going to the Rehabs! Go you and of thank you God! What an awesome opportunity!
Love that you have a blog!

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