Monday, February 25, 2008

The Happiest Place On Earth

Disneyland is a work of love.

How could I say I have visited California without seeing Disneyland... Bryan & I were blessed by his family with passes to Disneyland for the time we were there.

I have very mixed feelings about Disneyland. There're things about the grandeur of it all that bothered me a bit. Yet, I can't help but admit that Disneyland very well could be one of the happiest places on earth. Being there, going on all the rides, seeing characters, shows, even landscaping was a very special treat for the little girl inside of me.

I wonder if there's anything in Disneyland that doesn't come in mickey shape :)

Random Thought: As I read Disneyland's catchphrase "The Happiest Place on Earth" I couldn't help but wonder - why can't the church be the happiest place on earth. I think it should be...


Deanna said...

I would bet money that Bryan knows a ton of Disney songs? Am I right???
It looks like you guys had fun. Was it really warm and sunshiney? I am jealous! I am tired of rain and cold.'s not all about me!

Deanna said...

I forgot to ask...what are you pointing at in this picture?

Deanna said...

Liza and Elina say:

Bryan and Goofy look really .... what's the word? ...... Goofy!

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