Monday, October 31, 2005

Pumpkins Are Heavy

I came to the startling conclusion this week that pumpkins are heavy. Our promotion this week was Hallelujah candy which was a paper bag filled with various types of candy. But we also had about forty pumpkins to give out at each of our Sunday School sites. Bagging and transporting them was hard. It made me wonder how they gave out a pumpkin to every kid until this year. We got the pumpkins from a farmer in Iowa who grew them just for us. But it was fun. My site had about 40 kids which is the most I have had all semester so I just have to keep looking for more ways to attract more kids.

On Tuesday it was raining really hard so we did door to door Sunday School. We took a bag of our Hallelujah candy and went through the roster of kids who have attended Sidewalk in the past and gave them their own private Sunday School sessions. It was a lot of fun.

One apartment we went to had a grandmother and her 4 and 6 year old grand kids. She was upset because they were moving out of state, so we got a chance to pray with her. Another strange thing in the buildings we were in was that the outside door of the elevators didn't slide open with the elevator door but swung out. It was weird. Has anyone else seen elevator doors like this?

Speaking of raining, it has also gotten quite cold this week, with highs in the fifties. I am just wondering what this desert dawg is going to do when it is 25 degrees. Brrrrrrr

Well thats it for now

Serving Him In the Rain

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