Sunday, March 6, 2005

New York New York

Spent a few hours in Manhattan yesterday. The goal was to walk through the city and then take a stroll through Central Park. However, one of the young ladies I was with was quite a fashonista and wanted to stop at every high end store she saw, Coach, Armani, Sofirah, Bannana Republic. But I did get to go into my favorite Fifth Ave store, The World of Disney. Anyway we did make it to Central Park eventually, Took a quick stroll and went to the train. One interesting thing about New York is that not very many places have public bathrooms. So if you got to go you need to find either a Starbucks or a McDonald's. This usually isn't to much of a problem though because there are approximately 4 McD's and 10 Starbucks in every square mile in Manhattan. That means over 200 Starbucks on an island that is 13 miles long and no more than 2 miles wide at its widest. Any way we had a good time, but I can't wait until the real training begins on Tuesday.

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